Tips to increase sensitivity "G": Returns muscle girl sublimation for women

One of the great gifts that are natural to humans is the sublimation, reached the peak of pleasure pillow blanket relations. But not a few women do not get this for many reasons. One incest Porn of the reasons it is in the "G-spot". Tips to help increase sensitivity "G-spot" is a new therapy is expected to be can help return this happiness for women.

Great gift that nature bestowed human is the sublimation, reaching its peak of pleasure (Orgasme) during sexual relations. However, nature has really not fair to women when the Broadcasting Board leaning this for gifts. Not little sister very rare times up to the top, even never! It is perhaps natural that women are forced to bear oranges? The answer of the medicine is "no"! The advancement of the science of sexuality (Sexology) in the world in recent years have contributed to return the sublimation for women.

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Women sexual pleasure are divided into two categories: first, is the clitoral pleasure (Plaisire clitoridien) that people easily known, easy to reach. Second, is the pleasure of the vagina (vaginal Plasire) that not everyone know but if there are very strong, effusive.
Vaginal pleasure be attained when there is sexual stimulation to the point G-also known as the "women's" prostate (Prostate féminine), was Professor of De Graaf described for the first time at the beginning of the 17th century: "Here is organized around the urethral glands secrete mucus substance that smells salty, black make up the charm of women".
In the early 19th century, Sken-Gynecology professor who writes on this particular route, named Sken online. And finally, in 1950 "G-spot", or "Points" to be named Grafenberg Sexology Professor Ernest Grafenberg, who first published the scientific research about women's sexual pleasure sex school magazine in the world.
In 1999, Prof. Milan Zaviavic announced the results of research on 200 women vagina template and identify more than 80% of women have held the line of the point G in the vagina.
Treat symptoms sweating much in the limbs, head, forehead armpits, chest back ... confident in communicating and living 20 years of "suffering" with asthma, cough Phlegm, shortness of breath because of the unknown to the Hen Leaves
Special adhesives on the pump under the mucosa of the "G-spot" help increase sensitivity to sexual stimulation.
In women with vaginal pleasure can always identify the "G-spot" with your finger, which is a sensitive region, there are many sensory nerve and erectile organization, leading up, along the urethra, in front of the vagina, the making of holes outside the vagina about 3-5 cm, when stimulated in this region will create pleasure even up to the top. "G-spot" is also considered the prostate because women's contributions in the sexual activity and be identified by PSA (specific antigen of the prostate in males) or through ultrasound. This region corresponds to the Skene glands capable of increased vaginal secretions when gain pleasure, also known as the ejaculation in women (Ejacuation féminine).
The size as well as the sensitivity of the "G-spot" in every woman does the same, so the meet operation of the genitalia and the vaginal when each person's sexual arousal is also different.
Why "G-spot" lost sensitivity?

In the majority of the sisters, along with time, especially after childbirth, hormonal decline has accompanied the changes shape according to the trend of smaller atrophy and the genitals, especially the teo of small "G-spot" leads to the sexual disorders such as diminished libido or loses , sexual pleasure, no longer capable of reducing heavy vaginal secretions and especially can not or very rarely can up the top to gain pleasure. Even with some very young women, because of the innate structure of the "G-spot" too small or thin, stimulation "G-spot" becomes difficult consequences never achieved orgasm extreme (Anorgasme).

Tricks that increase sensitivity "G-spot" is done?
With local anesthesia, doctors pump 2-colloidal 3ml special (Acide hyaluronique) under the mucosa of the "G-spot" in order to recreate the necessary thickness and size of the "G-spot" help the ease of contact, increase sensitivity to sexual stimulation which increase pleasure, increased vaginal discharge, easily sublimes easily and ejaculate to achieve vaginal orgasm.
ACIDE hyaluronique is kind of the substance has been used very popular in cosmetic surgery, and recently, this substance also used to pump into the urethra to treat minor exertion són in women. This is the natural substance, capable of holding water in the organization. Since this is likely should pepper effective self rising sensitive "G-spot" only lasts from 9 months to 1 year, but compensate this is a gentle, painless tricks, time doing tricks for about 20 minutes, not in the hospital, the less complications.

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