The unintended tube movies consequences of the work "too fast"

Hi doctor, I'm 25 years old had an old daughter. Kids still current wife "relationship" normal. But about two months ago, "sex" spouses of children is very fast because my husband can not AV Rape hold out long. Also from that period that I felt very tired after the "sex" end. " 
I'm very worried, do not know you're sick anything? The doctor let me ask if the time" sex " too fast so there is no danger? I would like to thank the doctor!


Anna dear!

"Sex" took place too quickly will cause many couples feel depressed and also can make many women feel uncomfortable. The reason is because sex with time too urgent, lubricants not promptly secrete, rubbing too hard can cause burning pain, long term will lose interest in sex hinders happiness, even story affects conception. 

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Also make "sex" too fast and suddenly can cause back pain and affects the spine. When the muscle activity in a short time will lead to muscle aches, but not dangerous, but this feeling extremely uncomfortable. More dangerous, couples may also encounter phenomena painful cramps.

When the excitement had reached a climax, couples often have no control over their actions. This is very damaging for the parts as the fulcrum for "sex" as: hands, elbows, knees. 
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consequences of having sex too fast 
too fast in sex is not good for couples (illustrations) 

So couples need very much aware of "sex", should not be done too quickly or too long. After finishing, both should spend time cuddling, fondling 5-10 minutes or more to enhance feelings. This is the time the couple enjoy the echo of orgasm.

You do not rush to take a bath or fall asleep as that makes your partner feel lonely.

In addition, through your description, you can see your husband is suffering from premature ejaculation. This situation lasted not only affect the emotional quality of their sex lives of both, but also can affect the fertility of men. So, if this situation lasts, you should seek medical advice husband at a specialized medical facility to be examined carefully. 

Wish you happy healthy couple

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