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Many or headache tends to find in the beginning nothing was a problem. At least one note to eyes though a physician had long known about the relationship between internal pressure label, said separating the eyeball's tension and headaches of type fire commander tam essential!

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Many patients amaze to ESC, even somewhat resented recommended physician consultation while a patient knock by the master following fatigue pain back home! A good physician who is patient, however painful this place but surprise surprise, coal saw the raw hide secret disease elsewhere.
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If the idea of blurred because of lightening glare, the mistakes! The bottom of the eye, also known as medical retina, the region holds the duty of receiving Visual irritation to translate into pictures, very easy to be hurt because of the flashing light from the tv screen, from a computer screen, from glass tablets. That is why doctors in the European Union have long warned about the threat of "Visual screen syndrome due to green light" in person must regulate his eyesight too often.

It's also the lyrics explain why Oriental medicine physician has a point when in many cases cure chronic headaches with medication active blood against glaucoma, acupuncture to improve eyesight, by nursing students to relax, instead of just for pain relievers to hold the fire guard wait on ... clean burning!

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Don't be rubbing the eye when the dry feeling irritated. Instead, aim for the eyes tightly at least seconds.

The dish would not expose the dry well?!

Just because blue light has enough sorrow. But the old life still often suffering ends. The eyes do not dust but burning pain sound made by birds entangled xang, where translucent also look back through the mists of summer noon though! Who live in crowded urban riot, smoke filled, excess garbage ... never tasted through this suffering? According to the statistics of the insurers in Europe, more than half of people over age 30 that are victims of dry eye disease. This ratio rose to 70% in the Group of residents in the city. If based on the level of environmental pollution to compare the numbers of patients in our country, where rivers of sewage storage tank is free, where green is a luxury dish in the city overwhelmed car fumes, easy poor bear!

Laptops would give eye dropped fair?!

Eye of steamy lyrical is thanks to online rate sneaks are coated with a thin layer of slime cornea. The eyes today susceptible to dry because hardly rate online is also capable of clearing before the continuous pressure of car fumes do not shutdown when stranded, smoke exhaust technology bluff, tobacco smoke public places regardless of the health of others, the ultraviolet in fierce ... This situation as easy multiples increase if victims are living under strong sunlight, or vice versa, in the room too cold, too dry by using more air conditioners run continuously off the station. In addition, the tears have tried how many nodded also resigned because of "trapped capital" If homeowners don't drink enough water. Even in the case of "also", the online Charter also "hard slap" If the owner could punish trợn by eyes mesmerized track tv film, addictive computer games, Internet access regardless of dangerously newsletter ... Sheltered water lining the cornea when it vaporizes continuously while online rate increasing to dry tears.

The Christ obtain the same eye

Far off to be ultraviolet. The best way is to relay Active eyes don't dry, tired eyes don't adjust to, to the bottom of the eye do not abortive. Not too hard if don't forget:

• Focus on nutrition has just enough water has just provided the active ingredient has the protection of eyesight as provitamin A, vitamins E mineral elements, zinc, copper, manganese, chromium, selenium ...

• Help the eyes recovered by many Knights breaks during working hours. Just a few minutes each time massaging the eyeball by slight pressure the two palms on the eyes then just removing trend on the nose, just press lightly up and down smoothly.

• Despite how eye spikes also don't forget to occasionally blink flashing-eyed athletes like hairy rock slowly squinting with neighboring people.

• Don't just cry when sad or too happy. Few people know the euphoria morphing function of secretion of tears through action ... yawn! Though not yet sleepy, should seek real long yawn several times a day, true tears but yawn remember che mouth!

• Don't be rubbing the eye when the dry feeling irritated. Instead, aim for tight little eyes seconds simultaneously with the swallowing of saliva by Mango to the statue survived the crease.

See the eyes as big as flawed senses. The eye is also used to ... cry! Have fun how much should also occasionally don't forget drop texture for proper Yin Yang. There have been too many recommended physician laughter as the tonic scale. True but not or! More subtly, is that should cry ... smoking! There is nothing difficult in the life of white than silver lime, sour medium medium the chat but the civility! Stuck

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