Look at her eating to anal surprise guess ... what "love"

Don't share food or
This is the clue to you learn about the character and the concept of "love". Half of you seem to be the independent person, she likes to explore and pursue his own instincts in "it" instead of waiting or delay. Not in the selfish women type or emotion but can sometimes she will no vapor and no attention to your feelings.

She always kept food on the compact disc

The food on the plate of her neat and always enjoy the order expressed here is woman who always wants to keep everything neat, orderly and clean, even in bed. It is also the sign of a half of you like a step by AV Streaming step process in "love story," don't burn any stage.

She chose science dessert
Instead of choosing the dessert more energy and sleep affects line as well as your body, your emotions, the protein-rich nuts, strawberry supplement oxidation is the perfect alternative if you want "it" finishes.
Her chocolate cravings
Pure chocolate is a really good food. They help strengthen the blood to the brain and improve brain function. Black chocolate has some chemical compound phenyletthylamine (PEA) help stimulate the brain more endorphin feeling happy, joyful. A bit of chocolate will help adjust for her feelings and desires out.

Her sipping coffee in the evening
A little bit of coffee types do not have caffeine helps increase energy and alertness. You understand the "hidden agenda" when she chose the coffee in the evening?

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Want to know what "love" she's like, let's get to the heart of her eating habits.

She hesitated when ordering

When she can't decide what you want to eat, that's like the Little Mermaid felt relaxed, satisfied when partners who actively lead "it". Anxiety leads to indecision in selection of dishes expresses the desire for strong faction will dominate in bed rather than cede them to the forefront.

Look at her eating to guess ... what "love"
She chose meat or sandwiches
Dietitian Rebecca Solomon at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York said: "the Red Meat is the best source to provide iron to the body. Iron transports oxygen from the lungs throughout the body, and are retained for the physical activity. The store helps the body into a State of not tired, exhausted. If that is your choice, you will enjoy a romantic night with energetic woman her energy ".

She is the person to eat slowly

Women need time to enjoy and enjoy the dish will have the desire to experience the same with "it". She usually has a lot of romantic longing and desire to enjoy enough State in love than those who have the habit of eating fast.

She picked salad
Salad with spinach are great selection of her for "it". Magie in spinach help good mood, no longer worry and keep calm. In addition, a number of other vegetables with salad also complements minerals and antioxidants needed boosting libido while enhancing energy for the body.

Her specialty is pasta
Starches in pasta supplements the significant energy to the body by providing fuel to the brain and the muscles. This enhances concentration and with the increase of serotonin brings stable mood, better for you. Her choice is indirect levers help both sublimation in "it".


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