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During the past decades, the science is still arguing about the benefits of genetic reproduction by sexual relations. Now, researchers from the University of Montreal hospital research center and the University of Sainte-Justine in Canada discovered the human species become less risk of getting the disease than when genetic material mixed together.

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The research has revealed, when human childbirth, most of this generation to generation, the exchange of genetic material between men and women has led to our species evolved gradually.

The chromosomes of the parents-the thread-like structure from nucleic acids and proteins exist in the nucleus of most living cells, carries genetic information in the form of gene-recombinant chromosome to create of the child, but they don't blend together in a synchronized way.

The experts discovered that, of recombinant chromosome in some regular arrays of genomes and less in another location, making them can take many generations to really can be combined.
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Use of biological samples and genetic data from different population groups around the globe, the Canadian research team found, the array of non recombinant genome as often as the other array, tend to contain the rate of genetic mutation, is capable of causing much greater disease. The plates accumulate much more detrimental mutations until they are recombinant genetic material, meaning we become worse before better.

However, thanks to the sexual, the mutations that cause the disease ended have been removed from the human genetic code. According to Dr. Philip Awadalla, head of research, because the mutation is located in the less dynamic than the array of the genomes so the process can be extended to hundreds of generations.

Dr. Awadalla stressed, discover helps us better understand how people become more or less risk. It also helps scientists understand more about where to search for disease-causing mutations in the genomes of people, can promote the detection and identification of mutations associated with disease.

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