5 reasons why your urine "smells", don't be ebony sex videos ashamed that skip to regret

No one wants to tell others about his private matters, including stories. Leaven is by a lot of people are afraid of being judged negatively about the lifestyle or habit. That's why when the urine smell strange, many hid us go and find every way.

You drink a lot of coffee

The seeds contain a compound called caffeol, was produced during the roasting, make up the delicious scent. But this compound is not soluble in water, meaning it remains intact when it passes through the digestive 
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According to Dietitians s. Adam Ramin, the Organization's expert Urology Cancer Specialists in Los Angeles, if you drink coffee with just enough, especially if you drink less water and cause the body to lose water weight caffeol will focus more. And that can make your urine smell mild coffee.

The smell will get worse if you suffer from severe dehydration because so the amount of urea also increased, creating the combination of the smells.

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But did you know that there are many different causes, causing your urine has the strange smell, even the smell is not pleasant. And among them all the causes related to pathology. If you silently endured only because of shame, the chances you will make for your situation becomes worse.

Instead, let's find out and get to know properly the urine caused strange smells like below and you will know how to handle how to best fit.

You're losing water

Not drinking enough water or the body you are dehydration, lack of water is not what makes urine turn yellow, but also accompanied by odour.

5 reasons why your urine stinks, don't shame that skip to regret-Photo 2.
According to the specialist Urology Mehran Movassaghi in urology Movassaghi in Santa Monica, when the body decomposes the protein you eat, a colorless compound called urea and excreted through the urine.
The water dilutes mission urea. So, if you don't drink enough water, the amount of urea in the urine form more than make the urine dark yellow and smells of ammonia (odor). After enough water to supplement the body, urine will smell less than away and lighter in color.

You have to eat something

Asparagus is a famous food make urine smell strange, however not everyone eats asparagus also noticed this.

According to a recent study in the BMJ, people with diabetes eat more asparagus for dinner, then the urine often smell sulphoric (sulfur)-smell.

Dr. Movassaghi explains about this: In the asparagus has sulfur compounds should be when it is eating through the urine. But food is not the only food that caused this change in urine. Garlic also contains sulfur and high protein content should also be made to change the smell of urine. Other dishes such as green curry or wealth also have similar effects.


You suffer from urinary tract infections (UTI)

Dr. Movassaghi says that when the infection occurs anywhere in the U.S., the bacteria can alter the color and the smell of your urine.

5 reasons why your urine stinks, don't shame that skip to regret-Photo 5.
Usually, you will notice the smell very strong ammonia in the urine. In the case of urinary tract infection, urine often has a lot of foam or blood. Because the infection is usually caused by bacteria, you need to take the examination to be consulting a doctor for treatment.

The antibiotic is usually the choice for the treatment of infections but antibiotics can also cause urine smells. Drugs such as antibiotics can also cause foul smell in urine because the drug containing penicillin.

You were sexually transmitted infections

"There are some sexually transmitted infections can make pale urine, including disease trichomonas, chlamydia and gonorrhea. This change occurs because the organism responsible for the disease will trigger the production of ammonia, and the body tries through the urinary system, "Dr. Movassaghi said.

Dietitian Ramin said the mild smell of urine usually is not too serious but if it lasts then you need to see Urologist to be diagnosed properly causes and prompt treatment.

If the urine smell strange, again accompanied by other symptoms such as bloody or cloudy urine, pain or burning when urinating, fever or chills ... then you should come visit soon. This could signal significant problems such as infections or urinary tract stones

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